West Grove Fire Company Firefighters Graduate Firefighter 1
May 17, 2023

The West Grove Fire Company proudly announces the graduation of volunteer members RJ Hill, Chris Marks, & Vijay Sudini from the Chester County Firefighter 1 program. Officers, members, and the graduates’ families attended the May 17th ceremony to recognize the new firefighters.

Firefighter 1 is the foundational course West Grove Fire Company sends new firefighters to for training. Firefighter Hill, Firefighter Marks, and Firefighter Sudini dedicated 188 hours to the training, spanning nearly 12 weeks. They trained on fundamental firefighting and emergency response skills such as CPR, first aid, use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), hose lines, ladders, search and rescue, fire suppression and hazardous materials response training. Each were required to demonstrate competency through a mix of skills and written testing. The training classes were held at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus in Coatesville.

The officers and members are proud of our newest Firefighter 1 graduates and thank each them for their time and dedication to our community and organization!

For more information on this training journey, see: https://www.wgfc.org/news/1296/Three-WGFC-Volunteers-Near-Graduation-from-County-Fire-School.

Interested in becoming a firefighter? Visit https://www.wgfc.org/content/join/ for more information.