Know the Warning Signs of Heat Emergencies
July 7, 2020

Now that we are in the middle of a summer heat wave, with day after day of 90+ degree temps, this is the perfect time to re-familiarize ourselves with the dangers of heat stroke.

High temperatures combined with high humidity can quickly take a toll, especially for the very young and the elderly, and people working outside. Understanding the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness can mean the difference between life and death.

The CDC has put together a great guide to help everyone figure out the difference between exhaustion from the heat, and a true medical emergency: heat stroke. Know when a simple cool down will help solve the problem, and know when seeking medical help or calling 911 is needed. For more information, see this CDC website:

WGFC reminds everyone: during a heat wave, plan for breaks from the sun, and seek cool air and hydrate often. Keep an eye on the elderly and very young children. And remember your pets -- who need fresh water; and don't walk dogs on hot asphalt or cement (it can easily burn their feet). Be safe this summer!