Basic Vehicle Rescue Drill
By Training Division
November 19, 2019

November's training agenda was dedicated to Basic Vehicle Rescue. The purpose of this refresher is to review scene safety, tool operation & utilization, and vehicle preparation (pre-cut). Core extrication methods including door removal; roof removal; and dash lifts and rolls were practiced on multiple vehicles each providing its own unique set of challenges. As modern vehicle technology continues to evolve by using materials such as reinforced or high strength structural steel these technologies will increase the extrication process complexity. These advances require the fire service to keep up on the latest equipment and training to address these issues.

We would like to thank the 25 members who participated in this review and their continued commitment to provide our community with high quality emergency services.

The WGFC prides itself in an ongoing effort to continually train its members. In-house training occurs most Monday evenings, and takes place over hundreds of hours each year. In addition, members also attend out of house training sponsored by Chester County, the Commonwealth of PA, and at the national level.

Units: Rescue - 22