WGFC Responds to Outside Gas Leak in Borough
August 18, 2019

Late Sunday afternoon the WGFC was dispatched to a gas leak outside in the 100 block of Prospect Ave. West Grove Borough. Details provided to responding units indicated the resident was digging and severed a gas line. Deputy Chief-22 arrived on scene within minutes and confirmed an active leak from a severed 3/4 inch natural gas line that was supplying the residence. PECO was immediately requested to assist. Engine 22-1 arrived and took a blocking position and deployed an 1.75" handline to the residence. Engine 22-2 arrived and took the hydrant in front of Station-22 and prepared to supply Engine 22-1. Engine 22-3 and Squad-22 arrived and supported the scene with manpower. Crews monitored the inside of the residence for the presence of natural gas which proved to be negative.

PECO trouble crew arrived quickly and clamped off the severed gas line. The residence was monitored a second time for the presence of gas and was determined safe for the resident to return. All units were in-service for 1 hour.

If you are planning a project which requires excavation on your property it is important to understand the location of your underground utilities prior to digging. Consulting resources such as Pennsylvania-811 can help avoid personal injury and costly repairs.

Units: Engines 22-1, 22-2, 22-3, Squad-22, Amb. 22-1, D/C-22
Mutual Aid: PECO
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