Fall Fire Prevention Keeps WGFC on the Road (to safety)
By Firefighter/EMT Lisa Glass & Secretary Bill Wohl
October 27, 2018

October is Fire Prevention Month and the West Grove Fire Company members and trucks were busy visiting area schools and day care centers, spreading the word about fire safety education to young children.

Over the years, the West Grove Fire Company has earned a statewide reputation for having one of the most proactive, engaged and busy fire prevention programs in the Commonwealth. While many see fire companies as organizations focused on putting out fires and transporting sick people in ambulances, the WGFC has always had as an additional core mission to educate the public -- and especially young children -- about how to prevent fires, stay safe in emergencies, and know when to call for help.

Each fall, the fire company sets up sessions for dozens and dozens of classrooms to get to see the fire trucks and talk with our firefighters about fire safety, home escape plans, and the basics of "stop drop and roll." Kids learn to encourage their parents to create family meeting places and escape plans, how and when to call 911, and to remember to keep doors closed at night to prevent fire and smoke spread. Kids get to meet firefighters fully dressed in their protective gear so they are not scared if they see them, and what to do in emergencies.

Over the past month, the WGFC fire safety education team has been busy, reaching 5000 + young people with messages of safety. Here is an approximate schedule of visits this past month:

October 26 Christ Church at the Grove
October 25 Landenberg School
October 22 New London PS
October 21 Penn Township Trunk & Treat
October 19 Assumption BVM
October 18 Ducklings Day Care – Kemblesville
October 17 AG Charter School – Kemblesville
October 16 AG Charter School – Kemblesville
October 13 Sunny Day Camp – Penn Township
October 12 Nazarene Church
October 11 Nazarene Church and New London PS
October 10 Penn London Elementary
October 9 Penn London Elementary
October 5 Growing Place
October 4 CC Intermediate Unit Head Start
October 3 YMCA & Early Learning Workshop
October 2 YMCA & WE Day Care
September 28 Assumption BVM Tour Visit

Each of these visits normally involves sessions with multiple classrooms over many hours. We congratulate the men and women firefighters who take time to make these many school visits. And we recognize the work of the core committee, led by our own "Firefighter Lisa" (Lisa Glass) who coordinates this annual effort.

Helping young children learn early about the dangers of fire, and the ways to prevent and survive emergencies is important work, and very rewarding for the WGFC. We thank the schools, teachers and organizations that cooperate with these programs.

Fire Prevention Month may be in October, but preventing fires and surviving emergency situations is a year-round job for all of us. Please take time to learn about home escape planning, fire extinguisher/smoke alarm/CO alarm use at home and work, and many other fire and emergency safety topics. And if your organization is interested in a program by our firefighters or ambulance personnel, you can sign up to schedule a visit by clicking here: http://www.wgfc.org/apps/public/database/formAdd.cfm?Form_ID=6 or by sending an email to info@wgfc.org


West Grove Fire Company October 16, 2018 at 1:29 PM
Fire Prevention take home.....

See smoke, stay low. Doors hot, dont go..... Close when you doze.....