WGFC First Responders Train to Support In-the-Field Blood Transfusions
June 21, 2024

Firefighters and EMTs from the West Grove Fire Company joined with peers from the Union Fire Company of Oxford and the Avondale Fire Company to learn about a new blood transfusion program implemented by Medic 94.

Medic 94, the paramedics of SCCEMS (Southern Chester County EMS), is one the first EMS organizations in Pennsylvania to implement a program that adds blood transfusion to the services it can offer in emergencies. Blood transfusion can assist in serious medical emergencies, like those that include trauma-related injuries or internal bleeding. The medics now have ability to add potentially-life-saving blood transfusions when appropriate, and WGFC first responders will be assisting.

Medic 94 Chief of Operations Matt Collins presented a series of workshops over three days to help familiarize crews from area ambulance services with the blood transfusion program, and the role they play in assisting paramedics in these kinds of emergency situations.

For more information about the blood transfusion program, see the link below. SCCEMS operates medic units from its locations in Jennersville and Avondale, and is partnered with area fire company ambulance services, with representatives from the WGFC, Oxford and Avondale fire companies serving as members of the SCCEMS board of directors.

Our thanks to our partners for various photos.

Hyperlinks: Medic 94 Blood Transfusion Program