WGFC Participates in Congressional Events in the Nation's Capital
May 1, 2024

The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) was established “….to educate Members of Congress about fire and life safety issues.”

Members of Congress often turn to the CFSI for information on a broad range of fire and emergency services issues. These are issues that confront firefighters and emergency services personnel — issues that address their health and safety, training, and equipment needed to perform their duties. The CFSI also shares information with members of Congress about the important work of public safety educators and the contributions being made by the public safety industry to reduce the threat of fires and other dangers in our communities.

Each year since 1989, fire service leaders from across the country gather in Washington DC to hear what the staff and leadership of CFSI have accomplished along with challenges that face the fire service going into the future. This year, on April 28-30, the 34th annual event was held, which also included the National Fire & Emergency Services Dinner. Over several days during the event fire service leaders attend informational sessions that included topics like: Artificial Intelligence, Community Risk Reduction, Li Ion Batteries, Cancers in the Fire Service, and included an important conversation with the US Fire Administrator. On Tuesday, fire service leaders had the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill and visit with their Congressional and Senate members.

An important part of the events in Washington for Pennsylvania delegates is an event known as the “Breakfast on the Hill.” For the 11th year, WGFC’s own Steve “Reds” Flegal helps to arrange one place on Capitol Hill that the PA delegation could meet and talk with fire service leaders, congressional leaders, and their staffs. Four statewide fire service organizations sponsor the event and provide a light breakfast.

At this year’s breakfast, seven priority issues were presented to the Members of Congress which included WGFC’s Congresswoman, US Representative Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District. In total, seven members of the PA congressional delegation listened to the Chiefs who discussed the issues and asked for support in legislation associated with them. At the end of the day, the PA fire service leaders left with a positive feeling that their common voice was heard by Congress on important issues.

The West Grove Fire Company leadership remains committed to an active dialog with local, County, State, and Federal elected officials, enabling the fire company to stay on top of issues the fire service is faced with day in and out. Though it can be difficult sometimes for volunteers to attend an event like this during the work week, WGFC is fortunate to always find a couple members to attend. This year, Past Presidents Steve Flegal and Tom Glass represented the WGFC in Washington.

Attached is the document provided to the PA Congressional Delegation outlining the seven priorities.
To learn more about the Congressional Fire Services Institute along with how to support their initiatives go to www.cfsi.org .

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