Dryer Fire - Penn Township
January 21, 2024

Just past 2:30am on Saturday morning, the West Grove Fire Company was dispatched for an appliance fire at a residence on Route 796 just north of Corby Road. Reports indicated that a dryer had been on fire and the home was filled with smoke.

The WGFC responded with Engines 22-1, 22-2 and 22-3, along with an ambulance, fire police, and Utility 22-3. WGFC's ambulance arrived to report smoke visible from the garage area, with Engine 22-2 taking up a position in front of the residence. Engine 22-1 also arrived, laying a five inch supply line from the hydrant at Briar Drive about 500 feet to the scene.

The crew from Engine 22-2 stretched a 1-3/4" attack line up the driveway and joined with Engine 22-1's crew to conduct a 360 degree report on the residence. It was discovered that a fire inside the dryer in the basement had filled the home with smoke, with the homeowner working to put out the fire with a dry chemical fire extinguisher. A second person in the home was assisted out to the ambulance due to the smoky conditions and cold temperatures.

Crews from all three engines used portable fans to ventilate the home, checking for CO levels in all areas and ensuring there was no additional fire spread. WGFC firefighters also carried the dryer up from the basement and out to the backyard.

Crews operated in snowy and very cold conditions, with temperatures reported in the low teens. WGFC crews were on scene about an hour, and then returned to the New London station to get out of the cold and repack used hoselines.

Units: Engine 22-2, Engine 22-1, Engine 22-3, Ambulance, Fire Police, Utility 22-3