WGFC Records Busiest Year in its History
January 9, 2024

The stats for 2023 are in, and it was the busiest year for emergencies for fire and EMS in the organization's history.

For emergency medical services (EMS), the WGFC ambulances were very busy, with 3,250 emergencies. With no local hospital, extended transport times to the available hospitals, and long waits at emergency departments for our crews -- and increased call volume -- 2023 was a challenging year for WGFC EMTs. This was an increase from 3,142 emergencies in 2022.

On the fire side, there were 734 emergency calls, which includes everything from auto accidents to automatic alarms, to house fires. Of those calls, 123 were for box alarms (reported fires in a structure), with 36 actual working fires. There were three confirmed entrapment calls (meaning victims that had to be rescued from being trapped in a wrecked car using rescue tools [commonly known as the "jaws of life"]). The 2023 totals were significantly higher than in 2022 when there were 673 fire emergency calls.

The fire company is grateful for the hard work and dedication of our volunteer and career-staff members who handle fire, rescue and EMS emergencies, and for the continued support of the community and area municipal officials. We wish everyone a safe and healthy 2024.