August Sets Record Emergency Response for WGFC
September 3, 2023

The West Grove Fire Company just set a record for monthly emergency responses since its founding in 1905.

As the country celebrates Labor Day holiday weekend, Fire Chief Eric Felker's message to the WGFC's "labor" force celebrated the shared accomplishments of those whose career and volunteer staff who responded to 324 emergency medical services calls and over 100 fire/rescue calls -- making August, 2023 the busiest month in the departments 118 year history.

"Our volunteer and career first responders have consistently exhibited the values of teamwork, flexibility, and community services, especially in the summer when many are focused on vacations and family time -- I'm very proud of this team," said Chief Felker.

WGFC first responders faced many challenges during August, under difficult circumstances, challenging situations, and often handling multiple fire & EMS calls simultaneously. The ongoing closure of the local hospital continues to put pressure on the WGFC ambulances, with crews traveling long distances on all calls to transport patients remains a pressure point, as have been increasing calls for emergency services for EMS and fire responders.

While there have been months in previous years where the ambulance or fire side would set individual records for response volume, August 2023 sets a new high bar for the WGFC. The ability for WGFC's first responders to handle this critical call load is made possible by the support of the community, municipal officials, and their families.

The fire company applauds all of these responders as we collectively celebrate the Labor Day weekend!