WGFC Assists Oxford on House Fire
May 23, 2023

Fire companies from across Chester, Lancaster and Cecil Counties worked to extinguish a house fire in East Nottingham Township on Monday evening. The farm house was a near total loss.

West Grove firefighters were just getting back to their stations after Monday evening training around 8:30pm when pagers sounded for a house fire with the Union Fire Company of Oxford 21 on Pugh Road. The reporting caller to the Chester County 911 Center reported a house fire with everyone now outside and then the line disconnected.

The arriving officer from 21 reported fire on the B-side (left side) of the home and upgraded the assignment to a "working fire dispatch" which added multiple units. The first in engine was instructed to lay a line into the scene. A line was laid from the intersection of Pugh and Woods Roads, and firefighters ultimately put three attack lines in service along with elevated master streams from Ladder 21. Fire was present on all floors of the three-story residence, and through the roof.

The WGFC responded with Ladder 22, Engine 22-1, Tanker 22, Rescue 22, Engine 22-3 and both Utility trucks. A portable water tank was set up in the intersection with Engine 21-4 drafting. Tanker 22 provided initial water supply down the 5-inch supply line. 22 firefighters made the walk down Pugh Road to assist the 21 crews on the fire attack with their work extending approximately 2.5 hours.

An initial water supply operation was set up at a pond on Hilltop Road, but was then shifted to the closest hydrant six minutes away from the fire scene at the Oxford High School where WGFC Engine 22-3 set up a tanker fill operation. Seven tankers were filled at the High School supplying approximately 25,000 gallons of water to the water supply operation, which was coordinated by Asst. Chief 22A. Tankers from Oxford, West Grove, Po-Mar-Lin (Unionville), Rising Sun and Kinzer (Paradise, Lancaster County) were utilized for a tanker shuttle.

WGFC units returned to quarters around 11pm.

(Some pictures credited to the Union Fire Company of Oxford).

Units: Ladder 22, Tanker 22, Engine 22-1, Rescue 22, Engine 22-3, Utility 22-1, Utility 22-3
Mutual Aid: Multiple units from Oxford 21, Rising Sun 8, Po-Mar-Lin 36, Kinzer 4-5, Medic 94, Chester County Fire Marshall