Ladder 22 Double Hitter
January 12, 2023

Shortly after noon on Thursday, Station 22 was alerted for Ladder 22 to relocate to New Castle County Station 21 Mill Creek Fire Company as they were on the scene of a 3-alarm fire. While in route to Mill Creek, Ladder 22 was redirected to stand by at Station 19 Hockessin Fire Company. While on stand by there, Ladder 22 was alerted to assist Station 25 Longwood Fire Company along with other local fire companies for a house fire in Kennett Township. Ladder 22 arrived as the second due special service unit with the crew assisting with roof ventilation and deploying exhaust fans. Engine 22-1 also made the response along with Ambulance 22-2. The West Grove volunteers and staff were on scene for just over an hour before being released.

Units: Ladder 22, Engine 22-1, Ambulance 22-2
Mutual Aid: Longwood, Kennett, Po-Mar-Lin, Avondale, Fame, Cochranville