2022 Busiest WGFC EMS Year in History, 11000+ Individual Volunteer Responses
January 6, 2023

The West Grove Fire Company has completed its review of 2022 emergency calls, marking the year as the busiest in the company's history for emergency medical services. The fire side of the WGFC operation was also busy as well.

In 2022, there were 3,142 calls for ambulances, which is an increase of 246 calls over 2021, an 8.4% increase. WGFC EMS, which now operates four ambulances from the West Grove and New London stations, had a 96% response rate for the year. This means West Grove ambulances covered 96% of the calls we were dispatched to, relying on mutual aid for the remaining 4% where we were already committed on other calls. For those calls, here is a breakdown by township:

- 222 in Franklin
- 169 in London Britain
- 631 in London Grove
- 149 in Londonderry
- 344 in New London
- 1070 in Penn
- 176 in West Grove borough.

There were 381 calls for mutual aid across 18 other municipalities, with 42 in East Nottingham, 49 in Lower Oxford, 91 in New Garden, and 80 in Oxford -- reflecting the strong working partnership with neighboring services, and similar impacts of increased call volume across southern Chester County. 988 of the calls were basic life support calls handled only by West Grove's ambulance crews. An additional 768 calls were advanced life support calls, with Medic 94 on board for most (but also other medics as well, including those from Longwood for example). 1069 calls were second calls, meaning two EMS runs at the same time.

For WGFC, the impact of the Jennersville Hospital closing remains a significant factor working to drive both call volume and in service times. The long travel times to Chester County Hospital and Christiana Hospital keeps crews away from the district for extended periods. Continued patient volumes from Covid-related calls also contributed to call volume as well. Call volume continues at a brisk pace, with 263 EMS calls in December, and 14 calls already on January 1 alone -- signaling 2023 as another busy year for WGFC EMS.

On the fire side, there were 673 dispatches for the West Grove Fire Company, representing a very busy year. There were 22 working fires in 2022, and two "pin" calls involving the use of rescue tools to free entrapped patients in auto accidents. Calls for the fire company include, as examples: chimney fires, brush fires, car crashes, automatic alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and structure fires -- among many other call types.

By township, calls in 2022 were:
- Franklin 60
- London Britain 55
- London Grove 139
- New London 82
- Penn 160
- West Grove 36

There were numerous calls to neighboring townships in support of our mutual aid companies in communities including Oxford, Cochranville, Avondale, Kennett Square, Unionville and Longwood (and many more). WGFC volunteers responded individually more than 11,000 times in 2022 (individual responses x calls), representing a remarkable service to the community, working alongside WGFC's career staff. On calls, the 2022 average was 17.4 persons responding to WGFC calls.

Congratulations to the volunteers and career staff who achieved this response in 2022. Thanks too to the public, businesses, and municipalities for their continued support of the WGFC's efforts to keep the community safe.