WGFC Elects Eric Felker Fire Chief, Announces Officers for 2023
January 11, 2023

The West Grove Fire Company is pleased to announce the organization's officers for 2023:

Administrative Officers

President - Neil Vaughn
Vice President - Tom Glass
Treasurer - Katherine Doochack
Membership Secretary - Kim Miller
Secretary - Bill Wohl
Trustees - Craig Miller, Jim Malone, Charles Foy
State Convention Delegate - Steve Flegal
Alternate Delegate - John Chambers

Line Officers

Fire Chief - Eric Felker
Deputy Chief- Joshua Hawk
Assistant Chief- Tony Gialloreto
Assistant Chief- Mike Keiser
Assistant Chief for EMS - Gary Vinnacombe
Captain - Kevin Sweeney
Captain - Tyler Simpson
Captain - Danny O'Connell
Lieutenant - Rob Kloss
Lieutenant - Matthew Glass
Lieutenant - Rob Burns
Lieutenant - Jack Wharry
Lieutenant - Rob Cazillo
Chief Engineer - John Chambers
1st Assistant Engineer - Lary Hicks
2nd Assistant Engineer - Mark Neils
Fire Police Captain - Craig Miller
Fire Police Lieutenant - Jim Malone
Safety Officer - Bob Hannan

WGFC Relief Association

President - Steve Flegal
Vice President - Tom Glass
Treasurer - Jeff Simpson
Secretary - Lisa Glass
Trustees - Jim Malone, John Chambers and Mike Miller

The Membership elects the full slate of Administrative Officers and the Fire Chief at the December monthly meeting. The Chief is then responsible for appointing the rest of the Line Officers. These Officers will serve from January 1 through December 31, 2023, and are to be congratulated on their election/appointment -- and commitment to service of the community. The Relief Association membership separately elects their leadership.

The Fire Company also thanks the 2022 Line and Administrative Officers, along with the Staff and Volunteers for an outstanding year during challenging circumstances. Happy Holidays to all.