WGFC Conducts Weekend Training with National Experts Instructors
October 25, 2022

Volunteer firefighters from the West Grove Fire Company dedicated a full weekend of hands on training and discussion with nationally-recognized outside instructors this past week. The fire company invited in the experts from Combat Ready Fire Training to provide instruction in four four-hour sessions held exclusively to train WGFC firefighters in classes that included:

1st Alarm Strategies and Tactics: This program discussed strategy and tactics for fires in single family dwellings, apartments, and commercial structures. The training focused on the differentiating factors between these structures and how differences in construction, occupancy, and other factors must influence firefighting operations. This program was selected for those firefighters looking to advance their skills in decision making, especially for those that might be in charge on the first-in engine.

FF Survival: This program focused on the firefighter and the advanced techniques in survival scenarios. Topics to include survival, mayday, SCBA (breathing air) confidence and more. This program is one of the most important classes a firefighter can attend.

RIT Ops (Rapid Intervention Team): This program will focus on the advanced techniques used in RIT scenarios. Topics included equipment use (including F.A.S.T. board), firefighter packaging and removal and more. West Grove is one of the area fire companies that makes responses as a Rapid Intervention Company on a box alarm responses.

Truck Co Ops (Ladder Company Operations): This program focused on the advanced techniques used in the classification of "Truck Work". Search and rescue, ventilation, forcible entry, and more were topics included.

The four class sessions were a combination of hands on training and classroom discussion, and the entire weekend was held at the fire training academy in West Chester (operated by the Fame Fire Company). The West Grove Fire Company has always been known for its progressive approach to fire fighting training, with weekly training sessions held in house, and members encouraged and supported to take external classes in the county, elsewhere in our area, and on the national level.

This weekend was unique, bringing in renowned experts with tailored training for the WGFC. Combat Ready Fire Training supplied a team of more than six instructors, who worked closely with the WGFC attendees in group sessions that also featured one-on-one hands-on training. WGFC participants included chief-level and officer participants, veteran firefighters and newer members as well, and was very well received by the participants.

For more information on Combat Ready, see: https://www.combatreadyfire.com/

The WGFC thanks the Honey Brook and Christiana (Lancaster County) fire departments for covering West Grove during the weekend training sessions.

Units: Engine 22-1, Rescue 22, Engine 22-3