WGFC Supports Cochranville Fire Company Carnival
August 4, 2022

Each year, the Cochranville Fire Company holds a carnival to raise funds to support its operations. Last evening, the West Grove Fire Company sent Rescue 22 and five volunteer firefighters to standby at Station 27 so their members could run the carnival. Rescue 22 stood by alongside the Tanker truck from the Refton Fire Company (59) of Lancaster County and Ambulance from the Keystone Valley Fire Company (8) in Parkesburg, Chester County.

Wednesday evening was a busy evening at the carnival, which will run each evening from 6-10pm through Saturday, August 6. The event is fun for children and adults, with good food, great rides, and it supports a great cause. For more information, see: https://cochranvillefire.com/gallery/detail?id=29958

Units: Rescue 22