WGFC Trains on Master Streams
July 25, 2022

Monday evening approximately 35 volunteers gathered at the New London Station for the WGFC's weekly training. Assistant Chief/Training Officer Keiser addressed the members to start the training that focused on the use of and the operation of master streams.

Put simply, master streams provide very high water flows when large volumes of fire are present, and are typically truck mounted on fire engines and ladder trucks, but also can be deployed with portable devices. While master streams tactics are not used on most fires, when they are needed it is important that firefighters and operators know the importance and safe operation of each type carried on each of WGFC apparatus.

Lt. M. Glass addressed the group showing the waterway operation of Ladder 22. The group was then split into smaller groups and sent to Engine 22-1 and Engine 22-3 where members practiced with the operation of each of those master streams as they are slightly different to operate. Firefighters also had the opportunity to work the waterway nozzle on Ladder 22.

At the training, a group of about six new members worked with the membership committee to discuss the different apparatus and equipment carried on them. The new members had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the officers and firefighters, and get their orientation books signed by those officers - all part of a structured program designed to help new firefighters learns skills and successfully get started in the fire company.

The fire company conducts training several times each month, and has a strong culture of continuous learning. The WGFC is always looking for new members. Those interested are encouraged to stop by one of our three stations on Mondays evenings or contact us and learn more at the "Join Us" tab on the homepage of the fire company's website.

Units: Engines 22-1 and 22-3, Ladder 22