A Very Busy Thursday - 14 Calls!
June 17, 2022

In the "business" of emergency services, no two days are alike -- some are very quiet, and some days are just very busy. If you heard a lot of sirens around the community on Thursday, June 17, it was one of those busy days.

Here is a run down of all the calls in a single 24 hour period by the West Grove Fire Company:

1) At 3:32am, the WGFC ambulance was dispatched for an EMS (emergency medical services) call in Londonderry Township.

2) At 8:12am, WGFC was requested to assist with animals stuck in a storm drain in Ovations in Penn Township.

3) With thunderstorms rolling in, at 9:38am the WGFC was dispatched to a utility pole on fire in London Grove Township, on Route 41 near Mosquito Lane. The downed wire was reported to PECO.

4) At 9:47am, the WGFC was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at 452 N. Gurnsey Road, in London Grove.

5) At 9:55am, the fire company was dispatched for a house fire at 46 McCormick Way in Elk Ridge Farms, New London Township. Reports indicated that the house was struck by lightening with smoke in the basement. Units from the WGFC, along with assists from Oxford, Avondale and Cochranville fire companies, were sent. Fortunately, the lightening struck in the backyard and there was no real damage.

6) At 10:39am, the fire company was sent to a pole with wires down at 50 Lewis Road in Penn Township. Units reported the damage to PECO and then left for the next call...

7) At 10:57am, units from the WGFC and area departments were dispatched to a house fire at 640 Blanca Court in Elk Creek Farms in Penn Township. The house was reportedly stuck by lightening with fire and smoke in the basement. WGFC units handled the call, with other departments recalled.

8) At 11:15am, the WGFC ambulance was sent to an EMS call in Penn Township.

9) At 12:56pm, the WGFC ambulance was sent to an EMS call in Londonderry Township.

10) At 2:43pm, the WGFC ambulance was sent to an EMS call in West Grove Borough.

11) At 4:48pm, the WGFC was called to assist the Union Fire Company of Oxford (Station 21) on a house fire at 235 Brick Road in East Nottingham Township. The report was a gas line on fire in the basement. That call was handle by 21 and the WGFC was returned.

12) At 5:21pm, the WGFC ambulance was sent to London Grove Township for an EMS call.

13) At 9:12pm, the WGFC ambulance was sent on an EMS call to New Garden Township.

14) At 10:26pm, the WGFC ambulance was sent on an EMS call in West Grove Borough.

While there was tree damage from lightening and one branch landed on a building in Penn Township, overall there wasn't significant damage at any of the calls, but the department was certainly busy for a Thursday!

Units: WGFC full company responses throughout the day
Mutual Aid: Oxford, Avondale, Cochranville fire departments.

Diane Sullivan June 21, 2022 at 9:36 PM
An unbelievable day for all of you. Stay safe and thank you!!