Grant Funds Help WGFC Recruitment
May 4, 2022

The West Grove Fire Company is always looking for new volunteers -- as volunteers remain the core of the organization for not only emergency responses but also to manage and run an ever-expanding operation. While we are fortunate to have many long-term volunteer members, recruiting additional volunteers is an ongoing and critical task for our fire company (and all community service organizations).

Recently, the fire company applied for a grant that offered support for fire company recruitment efforts. The WGFC was fortunate to be awarded $5,000 from the Firemen's Association of the State of Pennsylvania (FASP) Recruitment Local Level Grant program. The WGFC's Recruitment & Retention Committee went quickly to work identifying needed materials and pulling together the necessary designs.

As a result of the grant, the fire company has been able to purchase a resupply of lawn signs used to promote the fire company and the need for volunteers, as well a quantity of recruitment brochures that can be seen in various retail store locations in the community. New for the fire company are standup banners that highlight the costs of outfitting a firefighter and a display that explains the history of Antique 22. Additional banners and tablecloths were also purchased with grant funds, enabling a more robust display when the fire company is at public events.

The WGFC is a so-called combination department, meaning there are both volunteers and career staff. Volunteers remain the core team for emergency responses for fire and rescue, and are supplemented by career staff in the day time hours when volunteers are less available. Conversely, our busy EMS operation is mostly staffed by career personnel, who operate two ambulances 24 X 7 and are supplemented by volunteers. Additionally, our fire career staff during the day also are used to put a third ambulance in service during the daytime hours when multiple ambulance calls happen at the same time. This combination model is working very well, and helps the WGFC adapt to the ever-changing and expanding emergency services needs of our community.

Volunteers run the organization leadership, and also do tasks like building maintenance, public relations, public safety education, fund raising, etc., and, of course, respond to emergencies. The fire company welcomes all who may be interested in community service -- interested persons can apply right on our website. Please reach out to us if you have questions about becoming a volunteer!