22 Ambulance Calls on Monday -- High Ambulance Call Volume as Local Hospital Closes
January 4, 2022

High call volume and increased transport times were no match for West Grove Fire Company EMS crews yesterday.

In a 24 hour period, WGFC ambulances were dispatched to 22 emergencies in the district, which encompasses 90+ square miles. WGFC EMS crews handled 19 of them and received mutual aid from Avondale Fire Company for two and Union Fire Company No. 1 Oxford, PA for one.

As WGFC navigates the “new normal” with no local emergency room, there will certainly be more days like Monday. WGFC's planning, increased staffing, mutual aid partnerships, and our hard working, dedicated EMS crews will all ensure the same level of service the community has come to expect!

For more about why the hospital closure is driving up call volume, extending transport times, and impacting the full EMS system in southern Chester County, see: https://www.wgfc.org/news/1111/Updated--Hospital-Closed----WGFC-Operations-and-Plans-in-Motion-

Our thanks to our EMS partners https://www.afc23.org/ and https://www.oxfordfire.com/ for their support.