WGFC Pump Refresher Training
October 23, 2021

As part of its continuing commitment to training, the West Grove Fire Company continued pump training recently at the New London Station.

Pump operators were given an opportunity to compare various pump priming systems with a side-by-side truck demonstration using the portable water tanks carried on Tanker 22. The Tanker (and the under-construction new fire Engine) feature air driven auto-primers which make the process of drafting water and maintaining a draft very simple. The rest of the WGFC fleet utilizes traditional oil-driven primer pumps. The training evolution allowed newer and experienced Pumper operators to compare the two primer types, and practice drafting water from the two portable water tanks.

Crews also were given a refresher on portable tank set up and operations over the two hour exercise. WGFC often has to supply its own water at fire scenes, as the rural area is only partially covered by fire hydrants. Each pumper carries 1,000 gallons of water, supplemented by the 3,500 gallons carried on the Tanker.

Nearly every Monday night all year long, the WGFC trains to keep skills sharp and provide-hands on learning for firefighters. Thousands of man-hours of training are conducted each year as part of the Fire Company's strong track record of training and Firefighter development.

Units: Rescue 22, Tanker 22