WGFC Launches Recruitment Brochure at Area Businesses
October 13, 2021

Throughout its history, the West Grove Fire Company has been a primarily volunteer organization, built upon a shared passion for community service that has driven its membership made up of firefighters, emergency medical personnel and others who help make the company one of the most admired Fire Companies in Chester County.

As the need for our services has grown, the Fire Company has transitioned from a volunteer organization to a "combination department," one where volunteers are supplemented by an equally-committed staff of career personnel. For example, our EMS service, which responds to more than 2,600 medical emergencies each year, is staffed 24x7 with career personnel, supplemented by volunteers; while our volunteers are the primary firefighters responding to nearly 600 calls per year, supplemented in the daytime by career staff.

To continue to add volunteers, WGFC is continually recruiting in the community. We have been successful in adding volunteers, and run a robust new member training program to onboard new volunteers. Now, to further enhance volunteer recruiting, the Fire Company has published a new recruitment brochure and placed those brochures out in local retail and food stores in the community. The brochure discusses the volunteer experience and program at WGFC and will help answer questions about what kind of volunteers are needed.

WGFC brochures are now available at these establishments: Target Shooting Solutions, Top Notch Barber Shop, Brothers Pizza, Marrones, Aurora, Fuego Eats, Corner Cafe, Capriotti's, Pasquale's, Daddy's Kitchen, and 896 Pie. Information about joining the Fire Company can be accessed from the front page of our website: www.wgfc.org. A brochure can be mailed by sending your request to membership@wgfc.org or by visiting one of these supporting local businesses.

All are welcome to join our membership— this is your community Fire Company and we need volunteers just like you to fulfill our
mission— the health and safety of our community depends on it. Meeting the demands of a 24 x 7 x 365 emergency
operation, with three fire stations, 16 vehicles, business operations, and more than 3,000 calls per year is a tall order. If you would like to help serve your community, we have a role for you: as a first responder, in business operations, on our maintenance team, or also in marketing & community relations. We thank you for your interest in joining.


Charles Willis October 14, 2021 at 10:38 AM
Great looking brochure. Hope it helps you obtain additional personnel to help you in your efforts to protect the Community