More than 3,000 Kids Visited During WGFC 2021 Fire Prevention Month School Programs
October 17, 2021

As fire prevention month continues, the WGFC has shared important safety messages with more than 3,000 children since the beginning of October.

For many years, the West Grove Fire Company has been known for its very successful school Fire Safety and Fire Prevention programs. Thousands and thousands of young children in the greater Avon Grove area have been visited by WGFC fire personnel and fire trucks for programs at pre-schools, church programs, early education centers, and at the Avon Grove School District and Charter schools.

Last year's in-person programs were curtailed due to Covid concerns, so the Fire Company created an original video program to substitute for the traditional school visits. Combined with instructional guides for teachers and parents, the video program was well received.

With children back in school this year, and a better handle on Covid protocols, schools and other organizations have welcomed back in-person Fire Prevention and Safety programs for 2021. Aligned with the month of October (traditionally designated nationally as Fire Prevention Month), West Grove Fire Company has been running continuous school and day care visits the last few weeks, working to reach as many students as possible with fire safety messages.

Led by the Fire Prevention/Safety program's leader, Firefighter Lisa (as she is called by the students) helps students learn about smoke detectors, stop-drop- and-roll, family meeting places, how to call 911 in an emergency, and other fire safety topics. She also dons a full set of firefighting protective and breathing gear so the students could see what a real firefighter looks like -- and to not be scared if they see a firefighter in a real emergency. The students also usutally get to go outside, where members of the Fire Company crew show off their equipment -- like hoses and ladders.

Students are typically given an assignment to do when they got home. As your children across our area get their school visits from WGFC, expect that they too will come home asking: how many fire detectors do we have? Where is our family meeting place? Can I sleep at night with my door closed? Can I show you stop-drop-and-roll? When parents and guardians participate in these homework assignments, it reinforces the importance of fire safety and family preparedness for emergencies.

Families with questions can contact the WGFC at . More information about fire prevention can be found at the website of the National Fire Protection Association at . The fire company's own fire safety video -- perfect for viewing together as a family -- can be found on the home page of this website.

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