WGFC Trains New Members
April 30, 2021

As a result of determined efforts to recruit new members, West Grove Fire Company is fortunate to have a strong class of new members who have joined the department and are moving through the journey of becoming first responders. These include a sizeable group of young men and women who have joined as junior members (younger than 18).

Last evening, at the New London Station, 17 new members were involved in a training dedicated to onboarding new WGFC personnel. The evening's class included training on packaging patients at emergency scenes, as well as exposure to the rescue tools carried on the fire apparatus.

Training is a priority activity at the Fire Company, which conducts thousands of hours of hands on and classroom training each year for its volunteers and staff. For more information on the WGFC commitment to training see: https://www.wgfc.org/news/1025/Commitment-to-Training-Evident-at-WGFC-in-2020-Despite-Covid-Issues .

Those interested in joining the West Grove Fire Company can click here: https://www.wgfc.org/content/join/ . The Fire Company is always looking for those interested in becoming firefighters, EMTs, and in other roles -- fundraising, building maintenance, public relations, accounting, etc. All are welcome!