WGFC Firefighters Train with PECO
April 8, 2021

As part of a continued focus on learning and training, firefighters from the West Grove Fire Company are attending training classes this month to learn about the hazards of responding to gas and electrical emergencies.

In an effort to promote first responder safety for incidents involving natural gas and electrical lines, PECO is holding a series of sessions at it's training center located in Conshohocken, PA. The center features a wide range of training scenarios to help first responders identify and address gas leaks, and become familiar with gas and electric equipment. The center also includes a well equipped classroom and facility designed to enable learning on a wide variety of topics.

WGFC firefighters are attending full day and evening classes during April. Often, firefighters experience downed lines and poles from storms and roadway accidents. The training not only prepares students to handle those situations, but also increases awareness of the risks of contact with electrical lines above and below ground, especially when operating hose lines, ground ladders and aerial ladders. Another common call for WGFC is a report of gas leaking or the smell of gas. These training sessions help firefighters understand gas company equipment (like pipelines, distribution stations, meters, etc.), to address natural gas leaks, and also how to shutdown natural gas flows into homes and business locations.

West Grove Fire Company members and staff undertake thousands of hours of training each year to keep up awareness and skills on a broad range of fire, rescue and emergency medical scenarios. This commitment to training keeps the company ready to respond to any type of emergency, and promotes safety for firefighters when they are operating at a scene. Our thanks to PECO for their commitment to safety training for first responders, and the assistance of their field crews who work side by side with WGFC at emergencies all year long.