Carbon Monoxide Incident in London Grove
March 22, 2021

West Grove Fire Company units responded to a call for CO (carbon monoxide) alarms sounding at a residence on Rosehill Road in London Grove Township Monday evening.

Most WGFC units were out as part of the regular Monday evening training drills, so the response to this incident was quick and extensive. Engine 22-3 arrived to the residence to find elevated levels of CO in the residence on arrival, with two residents to be checked out by the Ambulance. Upon arrival of Rescue 22, crews in airpacks explored all areas of the residence to determine the extent of the CO levels, and try to determine a source of the CO.

After a search of the residence, it was determined that a previously-running lawnmower in garage area was the likely source of the CO levels. Fortunately, for these residents, working CO detectors sounded and alerted the homeowners to call for help. WGFC crews used fans and opened windows and doors to ventilate the gas from the residence until gas meters determined the home was once again safe.

Because CO is an odorless and colorless gas, it poses a significant risk to health and life. So having working CO detectors with fresh batteries is an absolute must in all homes and businesses. Additionally, regular maintenance of heating systems, gas-fired hot water heaters, fireplaces and chimneys will help make sure that CO gasses are safely vented from homes and businesses. And remember, power equipment like lawn mowers and portable and stationary generators are sources of CO and must be kept a safe distance from homes at all times.

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Units: Engine 22-3, Rescue 22, Engine 22-1, Ladder 22, Ambulances 1 & 2, Fire Police