Brush and Tree Fire in London Britain
March 21, 2021

Just past 2pm on Saturday, firefighters from the West Grove Fire Company were dispatched for a roadside fire in London Britain Township.

Responding was nearby Engine 22-3 coming from the third station in London Britain Township. Also responding were Brush 22, Tanker 22, Engine 22-1 and Rescue 22. Engine 22-3 arrived and reported a road bank fire with a tree burning on Good Hope Road, about 1/2 mile east of Flint Hill Road. A 30' foot area of brush was burning, but a large tree was pretty well involved. The homeowner was putting water on the fire with a garden hose when WGFC units arrived.

The crew from Engine 3 pulled about 200 feet of hose line from the engine's hose reel and began putting water on the fire.

Crews from Brush 22 arrived and began to rake out the burning brush to open things up for the hose line. Tanker 22 arrived and provide additional water to supply Engine 22-3. To extinguish the burning tree, WGFC crews cut the tree down with a chain saw. Crews were on scene for about 45 minutes. WGFC fire police helped direct traffic as Good Hope Road was temporarily shut down and also reduced to one lane during the incident.

No injuries were reported.

Units: Engine 22-3, Brush 22, Tanker 22, Engine 22-1, Rescue 22, Ambulance 1, Fire Police