Route 896 Crash
February 5, 2021

Firefighters and EMTs from West Grove Fire Company were dispatched for an auto accident in London Britain Township midday Thursday. The crash, reported at the intersection of Route 896 and Chambers Rock Road, was first reported just after 1215pm.

WGFC units including the Ambulances, Engine 22-1 and Rescue 22 responded. During the response, dispatchers added a medic unit due to patient conditions, with Medic 94 units sent to the call. Dispatchers also reported one vehicle was smoking.

The first WGFC Ambulance arrived to report a three vehicle crash, with the accident blocking the roadway. The crew also reported no entrapment, and no fire. Crews from Rescue 22 and Engine 22-1 next arrived, followed by Utility 22, helping to assure the vehicles were in a safe condition and assisting the Ambulance crews with examining all involved. With minor injuries, the Medic 94 units were recalled.

WGFC Fire Police assisted in handling heavy traffic, especially with the intersection essentially blocked by badly damaged vehicles. WGFC's Ambulance transported one patient to Christiana Hospital. The balance of the WGFC units were on scene for approximately 45 minutes.

Units: Engine 22-1, Rescue 22, Utility 22, Ambulances 1 & 2, Fire Police
Mutual Aid: PA State Police