Propane Leak in Franklin Township
November 2, 2020

The smell of leaking propane and buzzing hornets were a nasty combination in Franklin Township this morning. Strong wind gusts felled a tree in the 100 block of Peacedale Road, with the falling tree trunk striking a large propane tank, causing it to roll over.

As a result, gas began leaking from the 500 gallon tank located behind the home, prompting the residents to call 911. The West Grove Fire Company responded with Engine 22-3, Ladder 22, Rescue 22, Brush 22, Tanker 22 and an Ambulance. Engine 22-3 and the Ambulance arrived, with a strong odor of propane gas evident from the street. The tank had rolled onto its top -- leaving the shut off valve inaccessible. Complicating inspection of the tank was a bunch of angry hornets whose nest was exposed when the tree trunk broke in half.

Crews asked the residents to evacuate the property. The 400' pre-connected attack line from the rear of Engine 3 was stretched to the side of the residence, and Engine 3 was connected to Tanker 22 for a water supply. Crews from Ladder 22 checked the interior of the house for any propane gas.

On arrival of a representative from Kauffman Gas, Fire Company personnel provided assistance by leveraging the portable electric winch on Rescue 22. The winch was mounted on the front of Brush 22 and used to carefully roll the tank upright, allowing the Kauffman service technician to turn off the tank and stop the leak.

WGFC units were on scene for approximately 75 minutes. No hornets or firefighters were injured during the incident.

Units: Engine 22-3, Ladder 22, Rescue 22, Brush 22, Ambulance 22, Tanker 22, Fire Police