Move Over: It's The Law
October 16, 2020

Every day, here in this area, across Pennsylvania, and country wide, emergency responders and highway workers risk their own safety to come to the aid of others on roadways.

Not only does this include members and staff of the West Grove Fire Company, it also includes tow truck operators, police, highway workers and others. The danger comes from distracted drivers, and drivers who are also drunk, drugged, and drowsy. While emergency responders are focusing on helping those in accidents or disabled, there are real safety risks.

How dangerous is it? More than 150 emergency responders have been struck and killed while assisting others on Pennsylvania roadways. An additional 110 PennDOT and Turnpike workers have also been killed while on duty. In the United States, two emergency responders are struck every day -- 38 emergency responders have been killed this year alone.

Because this issue is so important, Saturday, October 17th has been declared National Move Over Day. And, to further underscore the critical importance of this issue, the state legislature is now considering a bill that would double the current fine for injuring or killing an emergency responder — plus add two points against the driver’s record.

The measure, Senate Bill 1281, would also change the name of the Pennsylvania Steer Clear Law to the Move Over Law to be consistent with what all other states call it. We are hopeful for passage of this bill in the current legislative session. The WGFC asks you to call your state legislators and tell them you support the Move Over Law. Next week this enhanced bill will be heard in the Appropriations Committee.

PA Highway Responders and Workers rely on your good judgment to help get them home safely at the end of the day. For their sake, please, slow down to not more than 20 mph below the posted speed limit and move over for responders and roadway workers.

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