WGFC Participates in Penn Township Summer Park Event Series
By Secretary Bill Wohl
August 18, 2019

A beautiful summer Sunday, combined with a nice crowd and good music, provided the backdrop for the kids' fire safety education program for the West Grove Fire Company.

As part of a series of events held in the Penn Township Park, the Sunset Park Day on August 11 provided an opportunity for the WGFC to display an ambulance, Antique 22 (also known as "Elsie"), and set up a fun educational display for children as part of the fire company's fire safety education program.

Dozens of children had an opportunity to "stop, drop and roll," navigate an obstacle course, and get fire safety materials.

Meanwhile, many park visitors had a chance to explore one of the WGFC's ambulances, and see Antique 22.

A strong and long term relationship exists between the WGFC and Penn Township. The fire company participates in many events at Penn Township Park throughout the year, and will return to the park for the annual picnic in the Park September 21. The fire company's fire safety education program reaches hundreds of students each year, in programs held in area schools, day care centers and at public events.

Units: Ambulance 22C, Antique 22