Ladder Pipe Operation Training
By Training Division
July 15, 2019

This past Monday evening 27 WGFC members attended the first of two Master Stream training sessions. Monday's session concentrated on the set up and water supply to a Ladder Pipe. The training was lead by F.F. Matt Glass who covered the following objectives:

Covered objectives are as follows:
1. ) Waterway set-up, tip sizes & flow rates.
2. ) Supply line connections with options of using 5" or 3" supply lines.
3. ) Proper engine supply operations.
4. ) Establishing an adequate water supply from a hydrant.
5. ) Review of the limitations of operating a ladder pipe operation ( angle height, tip limit, etc.)
6. ) Converting the waterway into a stand pipe.
7. ) Review of all related safety points involved with this operation.

The second training session will be focused on deploying the 2.5" hand line, advancing the line and re-packing the line. Deployment of the pre-piped, Engine-mounted deck gun and portable monitors both of which provide the capability to deliver a high volume water stream for a quick fire knockdown.

Units: Ladder-22 , Engine-22-3