Class - B Foam Training
By Training Division
July 8, 2019

This past Monday evening WGFC members participated in a Class B Foam training session. The session was lead by WGFC Sergeant, Loren Nafziger. Class B foam when mixed with water and aerated creates a film blanket that hovers over flammable liquids sealing in the flammable vapors. The Class B foam blanket prevents vapor production and ignition, in the case of a flammable liquid fire Class B foam can suppress the fire and prevent reignition. Fortunately this is a firefighting tool that is used infrequently which necessitates the need for refresher training.

Training Objectives covered this evening included:
1.) Class-B foam use indications & characteristics.
2.) Coverage area & rates.
3.) Application time.
4.) Basic creation of foam, method of application.
5.) Equipment review: Foam proportioner eductor, and Rescue -22 & Engine- 22-2's automatic foam systems
6.) Best practices and coverage area calculation.

The Training Committee and Line Officers thank the 25 WGFC members who dedicated their evening to participate in this training exercise.