Rope Rescue Training Part - Two
By Training Division
June 17, 2019

This past Monday night, 22 WGFC members gathered at Station-122 in New London Township to complete the second session of the rope rescue training program. Delaware State Fire Instructors, Meade and Galloway returned to lead this session. The objectives covered in this session included, establishing rigging points on a ladder by using webbing and anchor straps. Set up for a lowering system. Set up for a raising system.

Members broke into two teams, the first team preparing/packaging the patient for lowering and raising while the second team prepared the ladder anchor points, belay safety system and rescue pulley system. Members performed lifting and lowering evolutions using the main aerial ladder and by using a ground ladder.

The Training Committee would like to thank Instructors, Meade and Galloway for the outstanding training experience they provided, and to our members who committed their time to sharpen their skills.