Keep Your Doors Closed at Night!!!! A New Must-Learn Fire Safety Imperative
By Secretary Bill Wohl
October 29, 2018

As Fire Prevention Month comes to a close, the West Grove Fire Company urges all persons, families, parents -- everyone -- to learn about a new fire safety imperative that can literally safe lives.

For years, we have been teaching children and adults about smoke detectors, carbon monoxide dangers, home emergency evacuation plans, and the tried-and-true "stop, drop and roll" technique.

Now it's time to learn about "Close Your Doors," a national campaign launched by the Underwriters Laboratory under the #CloseBeforeYouDoze slogan. The campaign is simple -- helping people understand why it is so important to close bedroom doors while sleeping.

Closed doors provide a life-saving barrier from smoke and heat should your house catch on fire. Yet many families leave bedroom doors open - especially doors on childrens' rooms -- based on old habits and dated safety concerns. New research by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute provides proof that a closed door can mean the difference between death and a chance to survive.

Need a reminder? Last week's tragic fire death in nearby Oxford PA provides a stark example of how important this topic can be. The real dangers of fires in homes during sleeping hours really hit close to home.

A stark video released by the Close Your Doors campaign provides a great way to share this important safety information with your family, friends and loved ones. The video demonstrates the difference a closed door can make in real fire conditions. It is real, and a powerful way to show why this is so important.

The West Grove Fire Company recommends all families schedule a time to watch this video together. Add this important #CloseBeforeYouDoze message to your emergency planning sessions, and help adults and children understand why closed bedroom doors are so important.

Watch the video here:

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The WGFC joins efforts to promote #CloseBeforeYouDoze campaign, teaching people why closed bedroom doors can save lives.
The WGFC joins efforts to promote #CloseBeforeYouDoze campaign, teaching people why closed bedroom doors can save lives.
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