WGFC Conducts 2018 Hose Testing and Inspection Program
By Captain Anthony Gialloreto
August 3, 2018

Fire hose is a critical component in the delivery of water from a water source (such as a hydrant) to fire scene and then from the scene to the seat of the fire. The purpose of testing our hose annually is to provide a reasonable level of safety for the user of the hose and that the hose will perform as designed. The testing procedure follows the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1962 guidelines, Standard for the care, Use, Inspection, Service testing and Replacement of Fire Hose, Coupling and Nozzles.

The testing process consists of pressurizing the hose to a higher pressure than the hose will normally operate at for a prescribed period of time. The pressure applied will vary by the diameter and use of the hose. The hose is inspected for any leaks, coupling issues and stress indicators.
WGFC contracts with a hose testing service (Fire Catt, Troy, Michigan) to test the company's inventory of approximately 14,400 feet of hose. The testing process takes two full days with a crew of four, supplemented with WGFC staff. The testing was conducted at Station 122 in New London which has ample open space with a Hydrant on the property.

This type of preventative maintenance is just one example of WGFC's commitment to the safety of our first responders and the community we serve.

Units: Engines - 1, 2 & 3, Rescue-22, Brush-22, Ladder-22, Tanker-22
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