Live Burn Training Session at CCPSTC
By WGFC Training Committee
October 14, 2017

WGFC members participated in a live burn training event at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus (CCPSTC) in South Coatesville. With the assistance of Chester County instructor staff, members were confronted with different fire scenarios to identify and overcome. This training session also provide members the opportunity to work with the companies new ladder truck as well. Three evolutions were conducted during the evening involving three crews on each and a RIT crew. Prior to clean up members gathered to discuss fire ground performance strengths and opportunities. Special thanks to the EMS support crews who provided rehabilitation services to the participants, the Chester County Instructors for providing safe & challenging fire scenarios, and The Longwood Fire Company for covering our district during our event. The Longwood cover crew responded to a vehicle accident on the Route-1 bypass in the West Grove local. A total of 22 members participated in the training.

Photo Credit: Photo-22

Units: Engine-22-1, Engine-22-2, Ladder-22, Rescue-22, Ambulance-22-2, Squad-22
Mutual Aid: Longwood Fire Company